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Using alcohol to cope places many older adults at heightened risk for negative consequences, especially with social isolation during the coronavirus pandemic. This webinar will highlight the special risks of drinking among older individuals and how these risks are heightened over the holidays. Strategies that promote wellness that do not depend on alcohol consumption will be discussed.

Frederic C. Blow, Ph.D. is a Professor and Director of the Addiction Center in the Department of Psychiatry, and a Senior Research Scientist at the Department of Veterans Affairs Center for Clinical Management Research at the Ann Arbor VA Healthcare System. He is a career researcher and educator in the field of alcohol and substance use screening, interventions, and treatments. His areas of research expertise include substance abuse screening and diagnosis for older adults, alcohol and drug brief interventions in healthcare settings, eHealth interventions, substance abuse prevention, serious mental illness and concurrent substance abuse, mental health services research, and implementation of evidence-based substance abuse and mental health practices.  www.umaddictioncenter.org

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