Speak Up to Reduce Stigma!

Voices of Older Adults with Lived Experience with Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Stigma about mental health and substance use is strong at any age, but particularly among the current cohort of older adults. The E4 Center is dedicated to decreasing stigma around the experience of these issues and around getting effective treatment. One way we are doing this is by listening to older adults about their experience of mental health and substance use, treatment, and life after treatment through video. We intend to use these videos to start conversations in classrooms, communities, and homes. In the words of Stamp Out Stigma, the program that inspired this work, “This campaign challenges each of us to transform the dialogue on mental health and addiction from a whisper to a conversation.” Won’t you join us for a conversation? If you or someone you know would like to make a video through our simple online platform or host a stigma conversation, please contact the E4 Center at  [email protected].