Presenter(s):  Bonnie Ewald, MA and Stephen J. Bartels, MD, MS
Date: November 16 at 2pm CT

Diverse types of organizations and resources influence older adults and their behavioral health outcomes. Cross-sector partnerships that engage and connect these entities can make a significant impact. This webinar will highlight several strategies that clinicians, health systems, community-based organizations and the aging network can use to understand the current landscape and develop partnerships to improve behavioral health outcomes for older adults. The webinar will include partnership examples and will be based on E4’s new toolkit, Utilizing Cross-Sector Partnerships to Reduce Behavioral Health Disparities in Older Adults. The toolkit can be found HERE.

Learning objectives:

  • Identify strategies for assessing your local landscape of entities impacting older adult behavioral health
  • Explain how a SWOT analysis can be used to prioritize ways to improve older adult behavioral health outcomes in your community
  • Describe best practices for cross-sector partnership initiation and maintenance