Presenter(s): Hannah C. Albers
Date: June 8, 2021 at 12pm CT

You Say, They Think: Why Your Message is Lost in Translation (June 8th)
Faculty: Hannah Albers (invited)
Impact1890 Executive Manager
National Lutheran Communities & Services
National Reframing Aging Facilitator

Description: Researchers found that most experts in the field of aging think differently about aging than most Americans. Yet, we need to engage people in our communities to carry out our organizational missions and to reach our professional goals. Join us for this third webinar to learn the inside scoop on how the public feels about aging, and how we can change our communication to reach our audiences more effectively.

• Discuss research on the American public’s thinking about aging
• Learn how to navigate the public’s thinking to avoid prompting negativity and to advance productive thinking
• Learn the 3 key steps to telling an effective narrative about aging

It’s time to tell a new story about aging!

We invite you to join the Reframing Aging Initiative for a series of six one-hour webinars to learn how to tell a new story – the whole story- of aging. This story explains that good ideas know no age limit, and that experience and wisdom can be tapped to benefit us all.

The Reframing Aging Initiative is a long-term social change endeavor designed to improve the public’s understanding of what aging means and the many ways that older people contribute to our society. This greater understanding will counter ageism and guide our nation’s approach to ensuring supportive policies and programs for us all as we move through the life course.

Led by the nation’s leading aging organizations, the Reframing Aging Initiative is powered by research. We need you to become involved! Come learn how this initiative is engaging leaders like you, sharing tested communication tools, and teaching us all how to tell a new story. For more information about the initiative, visit us at

Note: Because each webinar in this series does build on the previous one, we encourage you to attend every webinar.  Following this series, interested people will have the opportunity to apply for additional in-depth training on the reframing aging communication strategy. More information on upcoming opportunities will be provided.

Rush University designates this live activity for (6) Continuing Education credits.

Attendees must attend all sessions to receive full credit.